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Silver and Iced Out Mini-Blue LED Scrolling Text Belt Buckle Com 39,99 EUR
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Product No.: CB09
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Silver and Iced Out Mini-Blue LED Scrolling Text Belt Buckle Com

This LED Name Digital Belt Buckle is off the hook . Imagine what it´s like to floss this brilliant piece. You can put up to 256 characters on it. Write whatever you want and let it scroll across the screen! Your name , your number, whatever you want! Scroll on pimpin!

Every buckle is delivered with a free belt, We have Black, Red, Pink, Dark-Brown and White belts.Please do indicate your preferred colour and measurement (S,M,L,XL,XXL) by typing them in to our memo/comment box at checkout.

Belt Measurements:
S  -Length:88cm       Width:3,8cm
M  -Length:98cm       Width:3,8cm
L  -Length:108cm      Width:3,8cm
XL -Length:118cm     Width:3,8cm
XXL-Length:128cm    Width:3,8cm



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