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General Business Conditions of the company - Pimp My Style.

  1. Identity and address:

    The company Glamouruz is founded and is being represented through Franklin Alozieuwa. Glamouruz is to be reached in the following ways:


    BreitenWeg 1A
    28195 Bremen

    Telephone: + (49) 421-5178234
    Telephone: + (49) 421-5178235

    Fax: + (49) 421-5178236

  2. Legal system:

    German legal system and laws are exclusively and only applicable in all legal matters.

  3. Contract / Conclusion of a contract:

    As Glamouruz receives an order from a customer, the said customer therefore sends in an offer for a purchase contract. At the receipt of an order, the customer almost immediately receives an email in which the order is confirmed. The email is not yet a contract, the customer receives another email as soon as the order is processed.
    A purchase contract between the customer and Glamouruz becomes effective when a final email is sent to a customer notifying the said customer that the order has been shipped.

  4. Revocation instruction

    Right of revocation:

    You may revoke your contractual declaration within a period of two weeks without giving reasons in writing (e.g. by letter, fax or e-mail) or by returning the goods. The period of revocation begins at the earliest on receipt of this instruction. For compliance with the period of revocation the timely dispatch of the revocation or the goods will be sufficient. The declaration of revocation is to be addressed to:

    Firma Gamouruz
    Franklin Alozieuwa
    Breitenweg 1A
    D-28195 Bremen

    Consequences of revocation

    In the event of an effective revocation the parties shall be obliged to return the mutually received performances. If you are unable to return the performance or goods wholly or in part or only able to return them in deteriorated state, you shall be obliged to compensate us for the loss in value, if applicable. This shall not apply in case of the delivery of goods, if the deteriorated condition of the goods is exclusively attributable to testing – as it might have been performed at a retail shop. By the way, you can avoid the obligation to provide compensation for the loss in value by not taking the goods into use as if they were your own and by refraining from any action which would impair their value.
    Any goods suitable for parcel shipment are to be returned at our expense and risk. Goods not suitable for parcel shipment shall be collected from your address. Any obligations concerning the reimbursement of payments must be fulfilled by you within 30 days after dispatch of your declaration of revocation.

  5. Prices and shipping charges:

    The prices of all merchandise found on the web pages http://www.glamouruz.com are as indicated at the moment of order. The legally prescribed value-added tax is automatically added at the end of each order for all private customers.

    A new customer receives gift voucher of 5 EURS. Premium-customers receive 15% discount. Dealers can shop under a model with their sales tax identification number, value-added tax free.

    To every order, shipping charges are calculated. The shipping charge is 7 EUR per order for deliveries within Germany. Order over 50 EURS are shipped Free of Charge.

    For shipments abroad, we select the most cost effective bargain of our delivery partners.

  6. Delivery:

    Orders are shipped to the delivery address given by the customer. The delivery time frame indicated by Glamouruz is non-binding.

    If Glamouruz is unable to ship an order at any given time, the customer is notified immediately. The customer retains the right to either choose another alternative ware or refund if Glamouruz runs out of stock.

  7. Processing, Storing and utilization of customer data:

    See or click the link - Privacy Notice.


  8. Payment, default:

    Customers can place order and make payment with credit card (American, MasterCard, and visa). PayPal and bank transfer are also accepted.

    A customer is liable and subject to legal action should there be any attempt of credit card fraud or defaults in making payment.

  9. Retention of title:

    Goods ordered or delivered remain the property of Glamouruz till the complete payment for the said goods is received.

  10. Guarantee:


    A customer who receives an in-complete delivery is to immediately report this to Glamouruz. Glamouruz keeps record of every shipment and will ship the rest of the order free of charge. If a customer’s order is defective, Glamouruz replaces the defective order as soon as the said order is sent back and received by Glamouruz.